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We create focal points, giving your room items of interest. We tie the area together, giving it continuity in an intuitive and natural manner.

Our accessories are used to create a feeling or a mood. You have a feeling in mind for every room in your home (even if you can't quite put your finger on it). We can help with the definition.

We realize that accessories are how we embellish and personalize our living space, making it our own… making it more livable.

More importantly, they are things that give us pleasure. For this reason, you should never settle. These choices make all the difference.

When working with a theme, in Period style or even for an eclectic feel, accessories are crucial. They give authenticity and credibility to the design. We can find the perfect items you need that are correct for your style and taste.

We can help with the selection and procreation of one-of-a kind items that will accentuate and complete your room. Of course the possibilities are limitless, depending on your tastes. We can also find wonderful oil paintings in beautiful frames.

The style doesn't matter in design (as with accessories), it's the execution that determines if the look works. Not to worry, this is where our design team comes in.

Examples of Period accents are the prints of Ferns, Botanicals, Birds and other Animals, as well as English and French Architectural Renderings shown below. We will do the research and procure just the right ones. We can find very rare specimens that are of the highest quality and detail. We can get first (or later) editions up to 200 years old. They can be framed in a variety of ways.

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many more available of different subject matter

Also see the Interior Design page for more examples of accessories for your home.

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