Audio/Video Cabinetry

No two homes are the same, so don't settle
for production "cookie-cutter" cabinetry that looks like all the rest. Remember you are
going to live with it for a long time. Don't be limited by the few choices in furniture stores.

This always becomes the focal point of the room. It should look like a piece of fine furniture …not a group of uninteresting,
prefab units that look like what everyone
else has and everyone instantly recognizes
it as the "TV cabinet" as soon as they enter the room.

Remember, whatever you put there will dominate the space
and be the focal point.


You spend considerable time, money and effort to decorate your home, making it yours. Remember, you are going to look at whatever you put there for a long time. Let us design and build your custom piece of furniture that is uniquely yours.

That way you can hide all that equipment (even speakers) and still be able to control everything even when it is behind closed doors. See
Audio/Video Systems for more information. We can also incorporate space to store all your CDs, DVDs and VCR tapes on pullout racks for easy access. No more clutter and mess (everything organized).

We know what it takes for any audio/video system to perform correctly and produce a theatrical experience (see
Audio/Video Installation and Home Theater).

TV behind pocket doors of cut off
books behind a diagonal brass grill.

We can take special considerations into account or incorporated custom applications like fireplaces, multiple televisions, lighted display shelving, etc.

The cabinet below that has pullout speakers for rear firing subwoofers. The speakers can be pushed back and hidden behind closed doors when not in use, so it looks as good as it performs.

We can also "future proof" your cabinet so it will be ready to easily accommodate upcoming technologies (e.g. larger future television, high definition television, high definition satellite, digital sound, control systems, multi-room audio/video, etc.).

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Features can include

Any size, style, color and finish
Free standing furniture or built-in
Solid hardwood construction throughout
Breakfront design and other styles available
Hand made raised-panel doors
Hand fluted pilasters with base
Capitals and corbels
Faux bookcases of real cutoff books behind woven brass grills
Remote-controlled lighted niches for display of artifacts
Sema-reversa crown molding, cove molding and many other trim moldings available
Classical pediments and full bonnets
Raised plinth base
Television pullouts and swivels

Detachable custom frames covering the television chassis, exposing only the screen
Matching speaker grill cloth to the same color of cabinetry, so it does not stand out
Hide all the equipment behind doors that stay closed and operate with an Infrared repeater or radio frequency control system
Designed for future expansion to anticipate new technology and your budget
Source material (CD, DVD, VCR tape) storage
Designed to ventilate heat and run cabling
Solid metal hardware

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