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Your Home Theater can be the Family or Living Room (you don't have to build another room). No one has to know it is your theater until the the screen and projector come down out of the ceiling. This way you have two rooms in one.

Equipment can be housed in a cabinet (see Audio/Video Cabinetry), hidden in a closet or behind a painting that hinges. There are many other creative solutions that allow you to hide all the equipment (even speakers) and you can still easily operate everything (the best of both worlds).

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We do it all- room and system design, equipment upgrades and systems, wiring and installation, as well as control systems. We can hide speakers by using flush in-wall (or in-ceiling) speakers that can be painted to match the wall or ceiling and virtually disappear (see Audio/Video Installation). We also do specialty lighting. We do wonders with audio/video system control so you can get rid of all those complicated remotes (see Home Automation) with one easy to operate remote.

Cabinetry can include lighted shelves for books or artifacts, or a decorative niche to display you favorite sculpture. We can include pocket doors to close off and hide the television when not in use. This way you can regain your Family Room when you want. We can also feed the system to the rest of the house for whole house audio and multi-room video (see Multi-Room Audio/Video).

We sell and install all major brands of Audio/Video equipment (see Audio/Video Systems page) as well as universal remotes and control systems to make it easy to operate. We do all the wiring and installation (see Audio/Video Installation).

A lot of people like multiple televisions (see above). This gives you a large screen in the center for the main viewing with sound and the smaller side screens with sound muted for a variety of applications. Examples are of other satellite or cable channels, control system screen, stock reports, weather, surveillance cameras, computer screen with a wireless keyboard for Internet and e-mail, etc.

Smart Hub Movie and Music Applications          
Netflix, Pandora, Facebook, YouTube, etc.         

We can hide the components (VCR, DVD, Satellite, Receiver, etc.) behind doors (see above) that stay closed- even when in use. You operate with a simple control system (see remote on table). This way you won't have to see all those unattractive black boxes and annoying blinking lights while trying to enjoy the movie. Also, you can then decorate the way you really wanted to, without the clutter of all those components.

The television is behind the top pocket doors of real cut off books (behind a brass grill to look like a bookcase). The speakers are behind the bottom wood panel pocket doors that reveal real cut off books (that are spaced a half inch apart with speaker cloth behind them). The components are hidden away in a closet that supply the entire house with CD music, satellite television, VCR, DVD, security cameras and intercom.

When top doors are closed it looks like a nice bookcase (you have no idea it is an entertainment cabinet). The bottom doors can be opened (leaving the top doors closed) for listening of music and it still looks like a bookcase (you see books top and bottom). This is a wonderful solution to interior design and audio/video.

nally, you can have the best of both worlds- a Home Theater that the family will enjoy and the Family or Living Room that we all need, as well as music throughout your home and easy control of all.


...Or, if you prefer, you can have a dedicated home theater. Of course, we can work in any period or style of your preference. It's great fun. See Home Theaters for information.

The Family Room system can supply music to other rooms and outside.


You can individually control each room and outside separately.


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