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We understand that fine furniture is as personal as you are. Each of us has unique tastes and needs. The choices we make define and personalize our space as our own.

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We know that furniture is critical to the execution of the design concept of any project. We have been meeting the needs of our clients our the years by procuring unique quality furniture, accessories and accents. We can find just what you need.

We give you more choices, creating flexibility not found on furniture production lines and give you more options than are found in your local furniture stores.
We can help with the eclectic demands of your project.

We have sources for procuring one-of-a-kind antiques and reproductions from many periods. Don't feel stifled by the limited choices in the mainstream retail furniture industry, where most follow the same trends.

We can provide you with quality furniture that will become focal points for you rooms. Our pieces are as unique as you are. Not only will these pieces make a statement, they will enrich your life and bring you pleasure. They are things you will want to use and enjoy everyday. After all, life is short.

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Also see the Interior Design page for more examples of furniture for your home.


Home Office Furniture

Many people are now choosing to work at home. We can design and build a custom home office that incorporates all the solutions for your specific needs.

Since you are going to be spending a lot of time in your home office, you might as well make it the way you want.

By attending to your specific needs, you will be more focused and productive, helping to further your professional goals. Isn't that why you are working in the first place?

Below are examples of custom home offices.

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