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Protected IT Storage Hub Bullet Points

Unlimited Secure Real-time Backup ...Unlimited Everything
Unlimited Number of Computers, iPads and Cell Phones
Unlimited Space       Unlimited Number of Users

Automatic Backup  •  Secure File Sharing with Private Password
Firewall Protected  •  Connection Encrypted  •  Data Encrypted
Secure Web Access from Any Computer, iPad or Cell Phone
Automatic Synchronizing of All Computers  •  Briefcase
Photo Editing  •  Video Streaming  •  Music Streaming
Office and Photo Applications for iPad and Cell Phone
37 Redundant Tier 4 Data Centers in 11 Countries
  • Automatic file backup in real-time every time a file is saved or edited (does not wait for a one-time scheduled nightly backup which are dangerous and files from the day could be lost).
  • Currently, when you save a file or document on one computer you cannot get to it when you go to another computer. The hub saves everything to a central location that is accessible from anywhere via a secure web portal and also synchronizes all files on all computers (you can get to your documents, photos, videos, scans and music on any computer no matter where you are).
  • The hub can be securely accessed from any computer (even one that is not yours…hotel, friends, etc.) and from iPad and cell phone.
  • Secure file sharing with friends, family members and business associates with a private user name and randomly created password sent in the email.
  • Briefcase allows you to work on a document on one computer (even when no Internet connection is available) and later pick up where you left off from another computer.
  • Office application that opens, edits, shares, sends and prints documents from iPad or cell phone.
  • Secure picture and video sharing and posting to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Save photos taken with cell phones, iPads and cameras.
  • Save scans of paper photographs.
  • Save scans of important paper documents.
  • Save and play videos taken from cell phones and cameras.
  • Photo editing software on all computers, iPad and cell phones to correct and enhance photos.
  • Photo viewer and slideshow viewer on all computers, iPads and cell phones.
  • Open Windows documents on Mac computer, iPad and iPhone (currently you cannot do this; Windows and Mac are different languages and are incompatible).
  • MP3 Music player on all computers, iPads and cell phones.
  • Video streaming and Music streaming.
  • Centralized file viewing, editing, saving, sharing, printing, backup, synchronizing and restore.
  • Restore lost, deleted or corrupted files if computer, iPad or cell phone is lost or damaged or if you get a new computer or cell phone.
  • Keeps deleted files for 30 days in case you need to restore one or all.

You get Lifetime Unlimited backup, Unlimited computers, Unlimited iPads, Unlimited cell phones, Unlimited users, briefcase for each user, secure file sharing and secure web portal All for one locked price that never goes up.
-- No one else does this, they charge by space used, which means cost constantly goes up!

Many Other Applications Available

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