Audio/Video Design and Installation
Shared Systems Design and Integration


Building a New Home?

We can work with you or your builder on system design and do the prewire phase (running all the cable in the house before the sheetrock goes in). This saves you time and money later. We can install scalable infrastructure- allowing you to add applications without starting over.


We can "Future Proof" your home by running upgraded audio, video, data and communications cable that will allow you to expand your systems as your needs grow (and budget allows). This way you won't be locked into old technology as the industry evolves (and you can bet it will).

Smart Hub Movie and Music Applications
Netflix, Pandora, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

iPod Into Your System with Remote Control

Control in every room and outside

Universal Touch Screen Remotes

Projector Drops Out of Ceiling

Screen Drops Out of Ceiling

We can install streaming video and streaming audio. You will love it. It is amazing.

We can install and integrate stand-alone or multiple, centralized, shared applications:
  • Audio and Streaming Audio
    (Music, Pandora, Surround Sound and
    Whole House Audio/Video
    and Outside Music w/ control)
  • iPod Integration with Remote Control
  • Video and Streaming Video
    (Netflix, Cable TV, Satellite TV,
    Satellite Music, Multi-Room Video
    and Sharing of Components)
  • High Definition Television
  • High Definition Satellite
  • Shared Fast DSL Internet
  • Gate and Door Locks
    (talk to gate or door over phone,
    open gate or door over phone)
  • Cameras Seen on All TVs
  • Control Systems and Automation

Shared Infrastructure
Whole House Music &  Audio, Shared Multi-Room Video
Shared Fast DSL Internet, Camera
s Seen on All TVs
Talk to Door Over Phone, Unlock Door Over Phone
Control in Each Room
(see Integrated Systems below)

We can install in-wall or in-ceiling speakers that can be painted to match. We can make your system easy to control with in-wall keypads (the size of a double light switch) in any or all rooms.

You can turn system on/off, switch between sources (CD, satellite music, radio, etc.), control (play, pause, change tracks, change CDs, change radio stations, volume up/down, mute, etc.).

See Audio/Video Systems, Multi-Room Audio/Video and Home Theater pages for more information.


We can install some amazing speakers like recording studios and theaters use at home system prices that you have to hear to believe the clarity.

Not only are the high end frequencies crystal clear the bass is clean and powerful.

Don't settle for run-of-the-mill speakers. Your speakers are the heart and soul of your home theater system.

Existing Home

Shared Systems Integration Design and Installation
  • Whole House Music
  • Multi-Room Video
  • Outside Music
  • Sharing Audio/Video Components
  • Audio/Video Control in Each Room
  • Cameras Seen on All TVs
  • Multiline Telephone with Intercom
  • Sharing Fast DSL Internet
  • Talk to Front Door or Gate on Phone
  • Open Front Door or Gate over Phone
  • Sharing Computer Data, Printers, Fax, Software, Scanner, etc.
  • Dial Into Office and Work From Home
  • Centrally Control All Lighting

We are know for our seamless retrofit installations, making it happen without you seeing any mess or wires. We have been doing this for a long time and know how to make most of the impossible, become possible.

We can upgrade your equipment, design and install a single standalone system or install and integrate shared systems. See the many possibilities below.

1. Bedrooms
Audio/Video- Receive Satellite TV, Music
  and Audio/Video Components ( DVD...)
  from Family Room Audio/Video System
  with individual control in each room
View Cameras on any TV
Data (Share High Speed DSL, Printers,
  Fax, Files, Software, Scanner, etc.)
Multi-line Telephone with intercom
Camera viewed on any TV in house
Intercom monitored throughout house
Master Bedroom
All items in Section 1 and 2 plus-
Control all house Lighting (inside and out)
Family Room
All items in Sections 1, 2 and 3 plus-
Audio/Video- Cable TV, Satellite TV
  High Definition TV and Satellite
Send Music and Video to rest of the house
See Gate or Front Door on TV
Talk to and open gate/door over phone
See Nursery on TV, listen over phone
5. Kitchen
All items in Sections 1, 2, 3 and 4 plus-
Music and Video with individual control
6. Home Office
All items in Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 plus-
Dial into office network and work from home
Share multiple devices (phone, fax, Internet,
  answering machine) on one phone line w/
  phone line-sharing device to routes calls
7. Central Distribution
Makes it possible to share all systems
Each room can be configured differently
Room systems can be changed as needed
All systems can be centrally surge protected
Scalability allows for future expansion
8. Security
Closed Circuit Cameras at gates, doors, etc.
  and can be seen on any TV
Talk to who is at gate or door on the phone
Open the gate or door over the phone
Supplemental Power in case power fails
9. More Options and Systems Available
(see Home Automation)



We can install some amazing speakers like recording studios and theaters use at home system prices that you have to hear to believe the clarity.

Not only are the high end frequencies crystal clear the bass is clean and powerful.

Don't settle for run-of-the-mill speakers. Your speakers are the heart and soul of your home theater system.

Not to worry, it is never too late to update your home to the latest systems. Don't do without. Let us do a survey of your home. We can let you know what is available now and also get you ready for the future.

There are things now possible you may not have not thought of. Enjoy this exciting time we live in.
Be sure to browse products and services for Custom Installations and Commercial Installations below.


Drops Out of Ceiling
with Remote

Drops Out of Ceiling
with Remote

TV Pops Up Out of Cabinet
with Remote

TV Behind Painting-
Painting Moves with Remote

    Professional Custom Installation and Integration

Products & Services:

Clean installation with no messy wires showing (can also hide equipment)
Easy operation of systems
Add to or update your existing equipment, speakers, cabling, etc.
Design and install a new stand-alone system or a whole house system
Digital Dolby ProLogic, AC3 or THX Surround Sound like at the movies
Music throughout the home with in-wall or in-ceiling speakers… individual control in each room
TV lifts out of furniture or painting slides to reveal TV hidden in wall
Fantastic outside music with bass
In-wall volume controls, control panels or electronic eyes for control per room
Hide equipment out of sight in a closet or cabinetry and easily operate with a simple control system
Universal remotes with touch screens, eliminating the clutter of all those complicated remotes
High Definition TV and High Definition Satellite for unbelievable picture
Multiple satellite receivers off one dish
Digital satellite music channels by type (36 types) of music with no commercials
Multiline Telephone with intercom
Wireless headphones throughout with individual control
Share High Speed DSL Internet, files, software, printers, fax, scanner, server, etc. on all computers
Multi-room distribution of your video (e.g. share satellite, DVD, VCR, etc.) throughout your home from the main area- so you don't waste money duplicating components, interconnects, etc. that clutter up your rooms
Create your own in-house television channels for easy viewing of any or all shared components throughout the house
Security cameras viewed from any television, talk with the person at the front door or gate over the phone and let them in by pushing a button on the phone
Dedicated theaters with stationary or drop-down screens and projectors
Integrated control of lighting, audio and video, drapes or blinds, gas logs, heat and air-conditioning, cameras, popcorn machine …you name it.
See Integrated Systems Installation, Audio/Video systems, Home Automation, Computers, Networking, Telephone Systems and Commercial Installation for more information.

Commercial Installation

Professional Commercial Installation and Integration
Multiple line telephone systems with intercom, speakerphone, conference calling, caller ID, paging, voicemail, cordless phones, headset, call transfer, music on hold, receptionist, door intercom/opener, battery back-up, etc.
Board rooms with presentation facilities (drop-down screens and projectors, lighting and drape control, etc.)
Computer presentations or Internet on large television (or multiple televisions) or projected onto a screen
Cordless keyboards, mouse, pointing devices, laser pointers
Multiple screens with individual control
Hide equipment out of sight in a closet, cabinetry or equipment room and easily control with in-wall control panels, in-wall volume controls or remotes
In-wall or in-ceiling speakers
Multiple satellite receivers off one dish
Computer, server, Internet and network integration
Universal remotes with touch screens, eliminating the clutter of all those complicated remotes
Multi-office distribution and control of your integrated audio/video system (e.g. computer, server, Internet, satellite, VCR, etc.) throughout your office (from the presentation area) so you don't waste money duplicating expensive components
In-house television channels for easy individual viewing of shared components
Security cameras viewed on any or all televisions
Electronic gate or door locks with battery back-up, open over the phone
See Integrated Systems Installation, Custom Installation above as well as Audio/Video Systems, Telephone Systems, Computers and Networking.

Conference Rooms, Board Rooms, Presentation Rooms
We can design and install whatever you need for your business.
  • Conference Rooms

  • Networking

  • Projectors
    (stationary or drop down)

  • Screens
    (stationary or drop down)

  • Satellite Systems

  • Computer, Phone,
    and Internet tied
    into presentations

  • DSL/Shared DSL
  • Multi-line Telephone
    Systems with Intercom

  • Touch Screens

  • Intercom Systems

  • Video Conferencing

  • Audio Equipment

  • Video Equipment

  • Ceiling Speakers

  • Televisions, VCRs
  • LCD Panels

  • Lighting & Control

  • Office Equipment

  • Automation

  • Electric Door Locks
    (open by pushing
    button on phone)

  • Cameras
    (viewed on any TV
    a specific channel)

  • Power Protection
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Public Address (PA) Systems
We can install professional PA systems that will produce concert quality sound.

  • Wireless Microphones

  • Wired Microphones

  • Clip-on Microphones
  • Microphone Stands

  • Speakers

  • Amplifiers
  • Mixers/Equalizers

  • Power Protectors

  • Cabling

Also see Existing Home and New Home Installation above.

Example of a Whole House System with a Dedicated Theater



We can come to your home, diagnose the problem, repair the problem there if possible or take the defective item in for repair if necessary. We will then return the repaired item and reinstall it, rebalance your system, etc.

Don't waste your time, getting all the more frustrated while you do without service. Simply give us a call and we will take it from there.

Equipment today is far too complicated to try and diagnose, let alone repair, without experience.

See Audio/Video Systems, Multi-Room Audio/Video and Home Theater pages for more information.

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