Outdoor Rooms

Let us create an outdoor room for you to relax in and entertain that transcends the ordinary.

We will take you away to a time in the past when gardening was an art. We feel your space should be unique, create a mood, give you pleasure and reflect who you are.

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We will first create a concept design tailored to your specific style and needs. Then we will do a space plan. We work in formal and informal styles. We will include all the elements you wish to include in your garden space and create areas specific to the functions you want to include such as a seating area, dining area, cooking area, etc.

We understand that form must follow function in design and that this is a space to live in. Your garden will provide years of beauty, color, tranquility and privacy. And your landscape will be as low maintenance as possible.

We will integrate the existing vegetation, new planting areas and transition areas while maintaining flow, height and balance to the space.

We take care to put the right plant in the right place, allowing for growth. We will also select perennials, annuals and foliage that will provide year-round color.

Focal points such as fountains, waterfalls and other water effects, fish, architectural elements, planters, iron work, birdcages, birds, statuary, etc. can be introduced to create interest.

All types of specialty lighting can be integrated for that touch of drama we all love (including under water lighting in fountains, waterfalls and other water effects).

We can also do the electrical, plumbing, sprinklers, music with outside individual control, audio/video, telephone and intercom to your garden.

Be sure to browse the various elements listed below (including lighting, water effects, arbors, statuary, iron work, furniture, planters and more) that we can incorporate into your oasis.

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Effects can include:

Period Design
Formal English and informal
Hedge, fern, rose, herb and planter gardens
Lighted fountains and reflecting pools with fish
 Blooming water lilies, other blooming water plants, oriental water grasses, etc.
Seasonal color annuals and perennials
Arbors and decks
Brick, stone, slate and other masonry elements
Statuary, urns and pedestals
• Reliefs and gargoyles

Iron gates, balusters and fretwork... as well as other iron work
Sundials, pilasters, columns and outdoor architecture
All sorts of effect lighting
Outdoor Living and Dining Rooms as well as transition rooms
Outdoor furniture
Architectural wooden birdcages with doves, etc.
Integration of electrical, plumbing, sprinklers, audio/video, telephone and intercom

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