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Exchange Server for Data Synchronization

We can help you with your cell phone (iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc.). We can synchronize e-mail, your contacts, calendars, tasks, folders, notes, files, etc. between all your phone, tablet and computers wirelessly with Exchange Server so you are always updated in real-time (no messing with cables).

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We can also integrate your iPod into your house music system with it's own remote control.

iPod Into Your House System with Remote

There are many cell phones for different applications. We can select the brand and model that is right for your applications. We can also determine what software and accessories you will need. We will train you on everything.



Many other brands and models of Smart Phones and Blackberries available

Imagine the Possibilities
  • Send and receive e-mail while waiting to board your plane
  • Place a phone call while reading your e-mail messages in a hotel lobby
  • Take your music and videos with you and enjoy while flying using the headset and not disturb the person next to you, or while jogging.
  • Take pictures with built-in camera and amyl them right then and there
  • Always have a current e-mail, schedule, phone book of all your contacts and to-do tasks list that are always synchronized with your office or home computer
  • Other people can input your schedule and contacts from your office or home and it is changed on your phone automatically in real-time
  • Coordinate a meeting from the middle of a trade show
  • View information from your office database in the back seat of a taxi
  • Browse the Internet on built-in web browser from anywhere, anytime
  • Stay connected while you're on the go. The possibilities go on and on.

We can set up your cell phone to have an automatic wireless bi-directional synchronization of it's data with your tablet and computers. This way your data is always updated and current all locations. This very important to most of us.
It can also be updated and kept current on as many computers as you want anywhere (office, laptop, home, vacation home, boat, etc.).

Many Blackberry Applications Available

It's true. You can take it with you.
Your cell phone can be used your Music Player, Wireless E-mail, Contacts and Phones Book, Appointments, To-do list, Notes, Wireless Internet Browser, Camera (that can e-mail pictures then and there), News, Sports, Shopping, Financial, Yellow Pages, Games, Dictionaries, Maps and much more ...all simple to operate.

iPods and iTunes

Many iPhone Applications Available

If you like music, we can set you up with and iPod, a great digital jukebox that you can carry around with you wherever you go. It's great for jogging, when you are on the treadmill, when you are name it. It downloads it's songs over the Internet using software called iTunes. We can also integrate your iPod into your house music system with it's own remote control and display on your television.

iPod Into Your House System with Remote

You can select from over 1 million tracks from all five major labels and more than 600 leading independent labels. Enjoy free 30-second previews of all songs. You can buy entire albums or single tracks. Your iPod will automatically generate lists of your favorites. You can find hundreds of exclusive and prerelease tracks and many rare, out-of-print albums.

Let the whole family listen to your collection in any room. You can be your own DJ with a playlist thatís always full of songs. You can dig deep into your library with Party Shuffle. You can add, delete and rearrange them on the fly to create the best mix for the moment. You can burn any playlist. You can make backups.

You can post and e-mail songs in your playlists for everyone to see. You can find out whatís playing on more than 1,000 radio stations around the United States. You can get music and audiobooks related to a movie. You can see a music video, get the track and download a free song.

iPods and iTunes

Many other models of iPods available

Some PDA models are wireless. This is great for e-mail and Internet. We will set you up with a a wireless Internet provider, set up your e-mail, Internet, etc. If you have an older Palm Pilot that is not wireless, we can install a add-on wireless modem.

Some PDAs have a built-in keyboard that works well for e-mail. For those that don't, we can add a small portable trifold keyboard with trackball that folds up to the same size as the PDA (if you do not want to use the touch screen all the time). There is also a mini add-on keyboard that is good for e-mail. This means you can always be in touch and connected. The rechargeable battery will last for weeks. So you can take it on business trips, vacation, etc.


Most PDA models can be expanded with expansion cards (see below). These can be anything from additional memory, data backup, maps, dictionaries and language translator to books and games. We can help determine what you need for your applications, do the installation and train you on them.

There is a charging cradle that automatically charges the battery and synchronizes your data with your computer (or some simply do it with a cable alone). We will install and configure the software and link the database from your PDA to that of your computer.

You'll wonder how you ever got by without it. Staying connected, organized and listening to your favorite music has never been so easy and convenient. Enjoy these exciting times.

Palm Pilot (PDA)
On-Site Training

PDA Software


Other PDA and PIM software available

There is a huge assortment of Palm Pilot and Blackberry software in both wired and wireless applications. We can install a Windows Operating System (pictured above) like the one on your computer on your PDA.

There are over many choices of software in areas such as business, communication, news, entertainment, finance, information, travel, sports and more. We will help determine and install what is right for you and your applications.

Some of the 600 choices are listed below:

           • Forbes
           • The Street      
           • Airmail
           • Yahoo Mail      
           • USA Today
           • ABC News    
           • Moviefone
           • Salon       

           • E*Trade
           • Fidelity      
           • MapQuest
           • Weather
           • Ticket Master      
           • Travelocity       
           • ESPN
           • CBS SportsLine      

Palm Pilot (PDA)
On-Site Training

PDA Expansion Cards

Some models have the ability to be expanded with expansion cards. They are no bigger than a postage stamp. They come in an assortment of applications (including adding memory for more storage and data backup).

         Memory Expansion
           • 16 MB
           • 32 MB      
         Data Backup
           • 16 MB     
           • US Cities
           • European Cities
           • Asia-Pacific Cities   
           • Rand McNally Atlas

           • Dictionary/Thesaurus
         Language Translator
           • English   German
           • Italian    French
           • Spanish      
           • Scrabble    Others
           • Personal Finance
           • Mystery   SciFi 
Palm Pilot (PDA)
On-Site Training

PDA Accessories

Many other PDA accessories available

We can sell, install and configure PDA accessories.
  • Trifold Keyboard
  • Mini Keyboard
  • Charger/Sync Cradle
  • Car Charger
  • Slim Leather Case
  • Zipped Leather Case
  • Belt Clip Case
  • More Available

Palm Pilot (PDA)
On-Site Training


This technology opens up a whole new world of portability that was not possible before. It is very exciting, offers new possibilities and has something for everyone.

Don't panic. We realize all of this is brand new technology and can be overwhelming. We will train you on every application one step at a time. You determine what you want to do and learn. We offer one-on-one personalized training. We do on-site training in your home or office, working around your schedule.

We will go a relaxed pace, letting you master each step before moving on to the next. After all this should be fun.

Palm Pilot (PDA)
On-Site Training

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