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We can take a spare room of the house and convert it to your own Dedicated Theater (see Home Remodeling page). It can be an Attic, Bonus Room, Bedroom, Basement, Garage, etc.

The theater can be just the one room or it can also have a Concessions Lobby, Receiving Lobby, Marquee, Ticket Window, Equipment Room, etc.

The Theater can have a stationary screen with drapes that automatically retract as the movie starts or a drop-down screen that comes down out of the ceiling. The projector can be stationary and hidden in a cabinet or it too, can drop down out of the ceiling. The projector and screen can be front projection or rear projection.

We can control and automate any or all functions of the Theater for more of a theatrical effect (see
Home Automation page). Your favorite music can play before the movie starts and then fade as the lighting dims, the projector can come on and the drapes open or the screen and projector can drop out of the ceiling.

Blinds or window treatments can close as the heating or air-conditioning goes to comfort settings. We can have the popcorn machine automatically come on and start popping. The list goes on and on. You get the idea. What fun!


Smart Hub Movie and Music Applications          
Netflix, Pandora, Facebook, YouTube, etc.         

You can see High Definition Television (HDTV), High Definition Satellite and High Definition DVD. You can show digital photos of vacations, the kids, etc. on the theater screen as well as give presentations and graphics using a laser pointer, etc.

You can access and browse the Internet as well as send and receive e-mail on the theater screen using a small wireless keyboard. You can even access your work computer at the office send and receive your office e-mail, see your appointments and contacts.

We can put Caller ID on the theater screen so you can decide if you want to interrupt the movie to answer the phone. You can also see your surveillance cameras on the theater screen. We can even do night-vision cameras that see in the dark. You can then open the driveway gate or front door from the comfort of your theater chair. The possibilities go on and on.

The huge picture and realistic surround sound will transport you to far away places without you having to leave the comforts and security of home. You will become a part of the action. No lines to stand in to buy a ticket or get your snack. No crowds to wade through to get to the rest room ...and no one's head blocking your view of the screen.

We can handle all aspects from building to finish-out, from wiring, equipment, installation and setup to control systems. We can work in any style and budget.

You are in complete control to relax and watch whatever you want, whenever you want with whomever you want. Now that is a luxury you can afford. After all, life is short.

THX Movie Trailers

Amazing Life        Broadway        Cavalcade        Grand
Horton         Shrek        Tex        Wings



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If you don't like the popular Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles, we can work in Period styles such as English or Italian Renaissance. We will do extensive research to insure authenticity to the design and carry out the execution with precise detail.

For a "theater like" feeling, we can create a ticket window with marquee above at the entrance, lobby or concessions lobby. Of course, there no limit to what can be done or how far you can go. That's what makes it so exciting.

Be sure and browse the Home Theater Products and Services, Accessories, Seating and Lighting sections below …just for kicks.

Of course, there are other designs, equipment, accessories, accents and effects available.

Products & Services:

     — also see Theater Seating Section below
     — also see Theater Lighting Section below
     — also see Theater Virtual Tour Section below
Dedicated Theaters and Concessions Lobbies
See Audio/Video Systems for equipment
High Definition Projectors (HDTV) in Front Projection and Rear Projection
Projector Lifts That Drop Down Out of Ceiling or Pop Up Out of Floor
Projection Screens in Front Projection and Rear Projection
Fixed Front Projection Screens or Drop Down Out of Ceiling
Fixed Rear Projection Screens or Drop Down Out of Ceiling
Thin Plasma Televisions
High Definition Satellite
Line Doublers/Quadruplers
Dolby ProLogic Sound, Digital ProLogic 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, AC3, and more
THX Sound Systems
Home Theater Speakers (front left, front right, front center, surround left, surround right, surround back)
In-wall/In-ceiling Speakers
Caller ID on Theater Screen
Digital Photos, Internet and E-mail on Theater Screen, Wireless Keyboard/Mouse
Subwoofers (active and passive)
In-wall Subwoofers
In-wall Control Panels
Infrared Control Systems (allows you to hide equipment)
In-wall Sensors
Universal Remotes
Touch Screens
Theater and Systems Design
Concession Lobbies / Equipment Rooms
Share Components Throughout House

Specialty Lighting, Down Lighting, Up Lighting, Sconces (see below) and Lighting Control (see Home Automation)
Popcorn and Hot Dog Machines
Under Counter Refrigeration, Ice Machines Freezers and Ice Wells
New Release and Classic Movie Posters
"Now Showing" and "Now Playing" Poster Frames and Illuminated Frames
Theater Ticket Booths or Faux Ticket Windows with Ticket Cutout in glass
Illuminated Theater Marquee
Theater Seating (see below)
Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting
Screen Drapes with Tassels
Concession Signs
Lighted Glass Front Candy Counter
Box Office Signs
Post and Rope
Hide Equipment and Still Easily Control
Surveillance Cameras Viewed on Theater Screen
Integrated Audio/Video Control
Integrated Drape and Blinds Control
Integrated Lighting Control
Integrated Heat and Air Control
Integrated Gate and Door Lock Control
Also See Audio/Video Installation, Multi-Room Audio/Video and Home Automation

—also see Audio/Video Systems page         — also see Audio/Video Installation page
— also see Multi-Room Audio/Video page            — also see Home Automation page

Theater Accessories

Other 1, 2 & 3 line marquees also available

All stainless and antique also available
Other signage also available

Backlit also available

Assorted classic/new releases available

Available in 8 colors

Available in red or green

Illuminated also available

Many more accessories and accents available

Theater Seating

Forum Rocker
23"W x 34"H x 28"D

Contour Rocker
23"W x 37"H x 29"D

Presidential Rocker
23"W x 41"H X 29"D

Regal Rocker
24"W x 42" H x 31"D

27"W x 41"H x 29"D

Platinum Rocker
25"W x 40"H x 31"D

Platinum Rocker Fabric Colors
(End panels available)









All theater seating available with or without cup holders

Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of the different style computer generated theaters below (just for fun). Hold down and move your mouse over the picture to move through the room. To slow the movement, bring the mouse closer to the center of the picture.


Art Deco




Life Style

Santa Fe


DLP Technology

The new Digital Light Processing (DLP) chip is very exciting. The improved 1280x720 resolution, high definition projectors (HDTV) with 1000 lumens of light and 1400:1 contrast that do at least 16 million colors are changing everything.

This new projector is very bright and very clear. It is amazing.

Theater Lighting

We can use down-lighting or up-lighting to create drama (e.g. down-light the drape over the screen). You don't see the light fixture only the effect. In addition, we can use cove lighting or can lights. We can do a dark sky with many tiny stars using fiber optic lighting. We can do floor lighting with rope lights or small recessed louvered wall lights. We can use light sconces. The choices go on and on.

And all of the lighting can be grouped by zones and controlled separately by remote control or our automation to dim, etc. for all sorts of effects (e.g. sconces dim as the movie starts and stars come on in the ceiling).

A few examples of the many choices of light sconces:
can be painted
to match wall
can be painted
to match wall

Many more sconces, lighting fixtures and accents are available

Or if you lean a little more to the theatrical, there is a large variety of choices. Here are just a few. More choices are available including Deco and Nouveau styles.

Sconce on left comes in:

Masks       Clapboard
Stars         Popcorn
Ticket        Film Strip
Marilyn       Projector
Customized Name Cinema
Many more sconces, lighting fixtures and accents are available

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