What is Home Automation?


Home automation is defined as a process or system (using different methods or equipment) which provides the ability to enhance one's lifestyle, and make a home more comfortable, safe and efficient. It simplifies your life by integrating easy control of all vital functions. Home automation can link lighting, entertainment (audio, video, etc.), drapes/blinds, gates/door locks, telecommunications, heating and air conditioning, appliances, computers, high speed Internet, cameras, etc. into one centrally controlled system.

Automation allows you to make your house an active partner in managing your busy life. Your automated home is no longer a passive structure. Instead, it becomes a tool in helping you make the most of your time, enhancing your comfort and security, even saving you money on your energy bills!

How does it work? A central microprocessor (computer) receives signals from controlling devices, then forwards those signals to the appliances and subsystems in the house you want controlled. The central processor serves as a traffic cop by initiating and/or routing communication signals throughout the house. As the user, you can interface with the system via wall switches, wall control panels, touch screens, hand held remotes, hand held touch screens, computers, telephones or other devices.

Control can also be automated with a scheduler to have things happen when you are not there. Your home becomes a "smart" house, doing the work for you. Take an example of the sprinklers coming on when needed (a simple automated task we all gotten used to) and apply the concept to the rest of house. This is also beneficial by making the house look lived in when you are away (either during the day or on vacation). A burglar will never break into a home if he thinks someone is there. This is far more valuable than any security system can ever be.

An "Automated" Home

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